Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Skin Care Review

I tried a new skin care line and decided to share my thoughts about the line.

The skin care line is created by a woman named Jacynthe and is an all natural. It is a Canadian skin care line created in Quebec (that's why the labels are in all in French).

I tried the cleansing oil, rose water spray and the serum. These were the only three skin care products I used during the testing process.

I really enjoyed the cleansing oil. It removed my make up thoroughly and made my skin feel soft. The oil had a natural scent to it but it wasn't overpowering. This product can be used to remove eye makeup as well. I personally didn't try this product on my eyes because I always get products in my eyes (shampoo, cleanser, etc.)

The rose water spray is my absolute favourite! I love how this feels on my skin. It refreshes and hydrates the skin without drying the skin out. I really like the spray nozzle on this product as it has a consistent spray.  I also like that this doesn't have a super strong rose scent.

Next step was to use the serum. The instructions clearly outline that you need to apply the serum to the still damp face from the rose spray. This is a very important step because without your face already damp, I found that the serum didn't soak in fully.

I found the serum had a light "natural" scent to it but again it wasn't overpowering. I also found the serum was a tad different because it was orange and did make my skin look orange when I first applied it.

This skin care line did amazing as it made my skin less dry and it did take the redness out of my skin. I didn't find these products to do a lot as far as helping breakouts but it certainly didn't make them worse.

My only negative experience with this line is that all of the labels are in French and so are the how to videos. I speak a little French so I was able to understand bit and pieces of everything and I filled in the gaps with common sense but I do think it is a little discouraging for people who don't understand the language.

Overall, this is an amazing skin care line and I know I will be make a repurchase of this line soon. You can purchase these products together as a trio or separately here.

Stay beautiful

*Note: This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed above are my own and are 100% honest. Please see my disclaimer for more information.*

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