Monday, August 24, 2015

Bellabe Review

The Bellabe is a facial hair removal device that is an easy alternative to threading or waxing. Bellabe is just for facial hair and works best on hair on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and side burns.

The Bellabe in the colour Sweet Pink

To use the Bellabe, you bend the product to make a upside down U. You then twist both of the coloured ends. This makes the spring rotate which is what is used to remove the unwanted hair.

The upside down U

The Positives

- The Bellabe was very easy to use by your self!
- There was no pain when the hair was removed. There was a slight tug but it was practically painless compared to other hair removal methods.
- Bellabe hair removal process was very quick. Perfect for doing quick touch ups.
- The Bellabe is also very easy to clean and it is a very quick cleaning process.
- The Bellabe has a cheaper price tag to waxing salons. The Bellabe costs 15 dollars Canadian.

The Negatives

- The Bellabe was hard to position for certain areas like the chin.
- I found that the Bellabe was not great for precise areas such as around the brows. I tried to remove stray hair above my brow and ended up removing some brow hairs.
- Not the most travel friendly.  It's not bulky and it won't take up a ton of room but it is bigger than a pair of tweezers.
- I also found that the Bellabe was not the greatest for large areas or large amounts of hair. I personally feel like the Bellabe is good for a few stray hairs here or there. Large areas or large amounts of hair may be easier to use other hair removal processes such as waxing.

Size comparison of the Bellabe and tweezers

Overall, I feel that the Bellabe is a great painless and quick method to remove stray hairs. Although I wouldn't use it for very precise hair removal.

You can purchase the Bellabe from Nail Polish Canada. The Bellabe comes in eight different colours (mine is the Sweet Pink shade). For 15 dollars Canadian (plus free shipping), it is a great purchase if you are looking for an easier hair removal option.

Nail Polish Canada is a Canadian website that provides Canadians with a wide array of nail polish and nail items. With free shipping over 25 dollars or a flat rate shipping of 3 dollars for any order under 25 dollars, it is a great website for anyone looking for nail polishes or nail products in Canada. They also have a great rewards system with some awesome rewards!

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