Monday, November 23, 2015

Avalai Unboxing + Review

This is a monthly subscription for that time of the month. I think these boxes are a great idea and they are always super fun.

A handwritten Card!

Nicely wrapped!

The first item I pulled out of the box was these gluten free pretzels. These pretzels are in garlic herb flavor and they don't taste too bad. Perfect snack for those who crave savory snacks.

                      I then pulled out two boxes of chocolate. The first box is Lindt Truffles in milk chocolate. These truffles are super delicious and always remind me of the holidays (AKA festive feast time at Swiss Chalet. Right Canadian readers?). The second box of chocolates are Godiva truffles. I haven't tried this box of chocolates yet. I really like that this box included chocolate.

The third item I pulled out was a box Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. These jelly beans are in different cocktail flavours (the box points out that there is no alcohol included). I personally don't enjoy jelly beans but these fit the sweet cravings.

The fourth item I pulled out of the box is a cucumber soap. This is a hydrating soap that can be used on the body or face. This soap was also made in Canada. This soap has an amazingly fresh scent to it and it is pretty strong. I was worried that the food items in the box would taste like the soap, since they were packed closely together, but I am very happy to report that this didn't happen.

There was also a variety of Higgins and Burke Tea in the box! Flavours included Green Tea, Peppermint and Camomile.

The final items in the box were a bag of tampons and a travel pouch. You do get a choice between tampons, pads or both.

The only negatives I found with this box is the travel pouch while a great idea, is a bit big for some purses. Also, this box is super huge so if you live in a condo or apartment this box won't fit in the mail box. This is a minor issue but can be a tad annoying to go to a post office to get this.

Overall, this box is great! I loved the variety and everything that was included. Also, a portion of the profits from each Avalai box sold is donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation which helps to empower women and girls in Canada to move out of poverty, violence and into confidence.

You can sign up for Avalai here.

Do you subscribe to boxes like this one? Do you get an Avalai box? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay beautiful,

*NOTE: This box was provided to me. My opinion was NOT swayed because of this. Please see my disclaimer for more information.*

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