Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's in My Bag - School Edition

An Overview
I started my second year of college yesterday and decided it would be a good idea to share what I carry in my bag with me to school. This isn't a beauty related post, but What's in My Bag posts are some of my personal favorites. So without any further delay, here is what I bring to school.

Longchomp Le Pilage Tote in Chocolate

I use a tote bag for my everyday school needs. I only use a backpack on Thursday when I will need to bring my writing books with me. This is a very simple tote bag, it only has a small inside pocket. This bag is also pretty deep and it holds everything I need. * Apparently the Chocolate color is not sold anymore, but the Navy looks awesome! *

Kate Spade 17 Month Agenda

I love agendas and they are basically my life in a book. I never go to school, go home or basically go anywhere without it. I write everything from homework to assignments to what blog post I am going to write to what weekends I am going home. For me a good agenda will make anybody more organized.


Since I can't see anything far away, I have to bring my glasses to school. These are dark red Vera Wang's. This item is pretty self explanatory because without them I will be lost in class.

Pencil Case

My pencil Case is actually a cosmetic bag (similar) from Victoria Secret. I find cosmetic bags are easier to use because you can clean them if something spills. I have a ton of pens stored in here because I do color code my agenda and I like certain pens better than others. Some highlights include; Staples Highlighters and Le Pens.

Microsoft Surface RT

I basically do everything on this tablet. I take notes, I record important lectures, I write papers and I even blog on it. I like this especially because it is lighter than a traditional laptop and it does the same job. This tablet is also a touch screen as well.

Keys, Wallet, OMG I Wish I Had... Kit, Gum, Lip Products and Metropass

I grouped this items all together because they are items I carry with me every where. I use my metropass to get around Toronto, whether its going to school, going shopping or meeting up with friends this pass gets me on the subways, buses and streetcars. I need my keys to get into my building and condo. My wallet, pretty self explanatory, but I did write about it (here). I have gum to freshen my breath and to help my concentrate in class. My lip products include my EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint and what ever lip color I am wearing that day, Yesterday was Revlon Balm Stain in 001 Honey.  I wrote about my OMG I wish I Had... kit in my last What's in My Bag post (here).

The only item not pictured was my iPhone 4 because I was using it to take the pictures

Well that is everything I bring to school with me on a daily basis. What do you bring to school with you? And how was Everyone's first day back?!

Stay beautiful

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