Friday, August 22, 2014

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish Review

I recently stumbled upon these polishes made by Covergirl. They are called the Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish. I've decided to reviews these nails polishes because I love a good nail polish and because after getting the first bottle, I went out the next day and bought four more!! Lets start the review.

The first thing that catches my eye with these polishes is the wide variety of colors. Covergirl has created everything from dark to brights to neutrals to sparkles and everything in between. Most polish companies do make a wide variety of colors but I feel like Covergirl has hit the nail on the head with the selection. I have also found that there aren't any duplicates in the collection. On the topic of color, these polishes have amazing color payoff! I find I only need one coat for these polishes to go on opaque. The color you see in the bottle is the color that goes on your nails.

The formulation of the polish is also incredible. It isn't thick but it also isn't watery either. It is the perfect combo of the two making in the easiest polish to work with. This type of formulation also makes touch ups easy. However, I wore this polish for a week straight and I only had one chip. So touch ups with this polish seem rare.

What's most impressive about this polish is the fact that you don't need a top coat. The Outlast Stay Brilliant polishes come with a built in top coat. The polishes do dry to a shiny finish. These polishes also dry super fast, perfect for the on the go girls.

The one major negative about these polishes are the cap/handle of the brush. The cap/handle are square so when I was painting my nails I found it a little difficult to hold and when painting my right hand (my dominate hand) I found it very hard to position it.

From Left to Right; Megawatt Mauve, Golden Opportunity, Out of the Blue, Mint Mojito, Leading Lady

I did some close up swatches as well.

Megawatt Mauve

Golden Opportunity

Out of the Blue

Mint Mojito

Leading Lady

Overall I love these polishes and I can't wait to add more to my collection. Have any of you tried Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polishes? What did you think of them?

Stay beautiful

*NOTE; all products mentioned above were purchased by me. I liked this products and decided to share my thoughts*

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