Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August Ipsy Unboxing

I recently signed up for Ipsy and just received my first bag. I decided that each month, I will share with you want I got in my bag.

For those who don't know what Ipsy is, it is a monthly beauty subscription service. This service is completely customizable because you take a quiz and you can change that quiz as often as you like. You can also review the items in your bag so, if you don't like a product at all, you can tell them not to send you it again. Each month, they send you a themed cosmetic bag filled with  four to five make up items, tools, shampoo, conditioner etc. It is ten dollars American (For Canadians add 4.95 for shipping).

This month's theme is Beauty Schooled. Lets open it!

The Bag is Uber cute

Swatch 24/7 Eyeliner
The first item I see is Urban Decay. It is the new 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil. It is in the shade Plushie which is described as a smoky purple. The little booklet gives you a look you can create as well. This pencil felt creamy (not as creamy as the other 24/7 pencils) and it also had a great color payoff. I am very excited about this!

Inside the bag there are five items.

The first product is a Dry shampoo by Klorane. I've never heard of this brand and it looks to be from France. It is an extra gentle dry shampoo with oat milk. It has a strong floral perfume scent. I tried this while writing this post to give more details and this dry shampoo left the most terrible white residue in my hair. I am a dark brunette haired girl so most dry shampoos leave a white residue but once I massage it in or brush it out, it is gone. This stayed and didn't leave no matter what I did.

Sheer Glo swatch
The next two product are the same. They are Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion by Manna. Again, I have never heard of this brand. It is described as " An incandescent liquid that lights up skin with an all over radiance". You can mix this with your foundation or wear it alone. You can also use this on your face as well as your body. This did feel very light on the skin when I swatched it. I am not sure if you can see it in the picture but this product does have a pink tinge to it.  To be honest, I am not too excited about this.

The third product is a lip balm by Jersey Shore Sun. I have never heard of this brand either. This lip balm is in the Mongongo scent. The tube also says it is an anti-aging lip conditioner. This lip balm is certified organic and is cruelty free. It smells fruity! It is made with Mandarin green orange and ginger. Hopefully this lip balm works.

The last product is a Coastal Scents eye shadow sample palette. I got set 6. I am very happy that these are all colors I will use. The colors are Peach Puff, Cherry Chocolate, Nude and White Silver.  The shadows feel very buttery and have a great color payoff. The darkest shade (Cherry Chocolate) had a bit of fall out when it was swatched. But overall these shadows are great and I am excited about it.

I'm giving this bag a rating of two and a half stars out of 5 because I am very excited about the Urban Decay liner and the Coastal Scents eye shadow. The dry shampoo left white residue but it did get rid of the extra oil so it gets half a star. Are any of you a subscriber to Ipsy? What did you get in your bag this month? If you are not a subscriber and would like to sign up please use my link:

Stay Beautiful,

*NOTE: The Ipsy link is an affiliated link. It gets me points that I can redeem for an extra product. Thank you*

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