Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lush Haul

The whole purpose of this Lush trip was to recycle the little black pots I have that have been collecting dust for a face mask (bring back 5 washed out Lush pots and get a free mask), and I got sucked into the Lush world and bought some products, oops. Does this happen to anyone else?! On to the haul.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

First the item I was going in for. This is their blueberry face mask that is formulated for sore and troubled skin. It is cooling, calming, and deep cleansing with blueberry. This is a clay mask, so it does dry out my skin a tad but other than that it really helps my skin. I find if I go without this mask for too long my skin starts to miss it.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is just an ordinary lip scrub but I find this one works the best for me. I have tried this scrub before in the Mint flavored one but I didn't like the taste. I use this lip scrub at night, especially if I am going to use the Bite Agave lip mask. I also use it in the morning if I am going to apply a lip product that will show dryness or cracks in my lips. *Note; Lush doesn't have this product listed on their website, I'm not sure why*

Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb

This is a new bath bomb at Lush so of course I had to try it. To me it smells like lemons and limes. According to the website the outer pink ring of this bomb is also contains bubbles! I feel like this is going to turn my bath water funky colors and I am excited about that.

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

I have used this bath bomb before and I really enjoy it. This bath bomb does turn your water different colors and it smells like lemons to me as well. This bomb does contain glitter but I don't find them to be annoying or make me shimmer.

Dorothy Bubble Bar

I have never used this bubble bar before but decided to try it. This is a more floral scent but it is not sickening. This bubble bar does have a underlying orange scent. This may turn the bath water blue or the bubbles may be a blue color, both are exciting.

Sunny Side Bubble Bar

I have used this bubble bar multiple times and I can safely say its probably my favorite one. It's a gold color circle that creates gold color bubbles. This product also has glitter but again it is not annoying and it doesn't make me shimmer. This bubble bar also smells like citrus and pairs amazingly well with the Dragon's Egg bath bomb.

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt

I have also purchased this bath melt multiple times and I do enjoy it. This bath melt smells like mangoes (hence the name) and lemon. The bath melts just melt into the water and contain oils to hydrate, nourish and soften your skin. You do have to watch with the bath melts because they will melt from the heat of your hand.

Floating Island Bath Melt

I have never purchased this bath melt before but decided to buy it because it contained the same essential oil as another bath melt I usually get (but were sadly out of). This bath melt contains sandlewood which is very good if you have extremely dry skin like I do. This product also smells like lemons but it has a hint of vanilla.

That is everything I purchased at Lush on this trip. I am super excited for all the great baths I will have. What are your favorite products from Lush? Have you tired anything I bought?

Stay beautiful

*NOTE: ALL items purchased above were purchased by me with my own money*

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